Albert O. Mair feat. Lorenz Raab

1 aurora
2 tide
3 lonesome eagle
4 waterfall
5 norway
6 evolution

(track 1-5)
evolution (track 6)

total time 69:50

Acoustic Duo improvisation.
Albert O. Mair: Flügel, Lorenz Raab: Flügelhorn, Trompete.
guest musicians #6: Mathias Lang, gu, Alexander Lackner, b, Mario Lackner, dr.

CD Critique Jazz Zeit March 2001 by Christian Bakonyi:
Those who love images of fjords in fresh colors and the view of the open sea will not be able to resist "primary rocks". The impressions, which pianist Albert O. Mair has brought from his trip to the high north, develop before our eyes. But Mair doesn't just play on the romantic character of this region but also on how difficult the terrain can be, even how dangerous it can be to walk near the edge of a cliff, until one reaches the place of his dreams. In music circles, trumpeter Lorenz Raab has the reputation of being the ideal partner. With this CD, it becomes clear why. Despite the wind and the weather, the duo ascends to the most beautiful places but is never in danger of slipping. This works however only by listening to and trusting one another. Mair and Raab provide a musical ladder climbing the highest mountain to a place where the observer can enjoy the view.

publisher: mairegen © 2001
code: AMP 002

price: EUR 15.- (shipping excl.)


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