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audio | mp3-files, all songs written by Maalo:

Let Love Take Control (funk/soul)

New Pearl (funk/soul)

Take'em to the Places (funk/rap)

Rock The Night (funk/rock)



Wanna Hold Ya (R&B-ballad)

Vienna Holiday (pop-reggae)

Funk Fellows (funk-blues)

Goin' Out (disco-funk)




Live 9-piece, Groovecocktail, Open Air


Vienna Holiday, Video Clip (Album Funk Fellows)

Live 7-piece, Traun, Open Air 


Release Party @ crowded Porgy & Bess, (Album Soul Stories)

Jazz Fest Wien  / WUK


famous recorder-solo!, live @ joe zawilnul's birdland

bass feature 1


bass feature 2


live 6-piece, wien / prater, open air


live, 5-piece, st. poelten, open air

...and find even more @ our youtube channel